out of office...

for those who are keeping track, we made it safely.  we're here, and I'm going radio silent for a few days.  I'll be out of the office until thursday.  all emails and call will be returned friday.

so long...


kike & tom: engagements

you know how I'm always saying ____ is my favorite, or ______ is my favorite? well, I'll tell you what, this really is my favorite.  I love shooting engagement sessions.  I've got a couple on the docket.  first up: kike&tom.  I'm so excited to shoot their wedding in november.  they're such a fun couple to work with, and she's actually helped us out with the sale of our home.  how lucky are we?
I fell in love with these red doors, and especially with her yellow dress against the red doors.  isn't it pretty?


kate: 7 days

I move in four days. 
I'm doing everything in my power not to melt into a puddle on the floor. 
if I seem to have been neglecting this blog, it's because I have been neglecting this blog.  our house is full of packed up moving boxes, and silly me, I'm still trying to shoot sessions.  I just can't seem to talk myself out of spending an evening with new friends and my camera.  I only have one more shoot in pittsburgh (until I return for a wedding in september), and I'm dreading the feeling of being "done" here. 
I'm sure all you're hearing is "blah, blah, blah," so here we go: on to the pictures. 

I have EIGHT sessions to post.  yes, I said eight.  considering my computer is going to be packed up any day now, I've got to get a move on.  
first up: a sweet seven day old girl.  
her name is kate.  
she's beautiful.
I've never seen such an alert newborn, and I loved it.  we were able to get a few good minutes of sleeping in, but mostly we enjoyed her beautiful eyes. 

I love this last photo, because she's looking straight up at her mommy.  I just think the connection a newborn feels to their parents is an amazing thing. 

I have so much more to share.  we'll see how much gets accomplished before I drive away in a moving truck on sunday.  :)