make it click.

You want beautiful pictures.
All it takes is a fancy DSLR, right? 
So… how’s that going for you?

Stuck in auto?  

Meet Libby, our Canon girl.  She’s a romantic: lover of weddings, hole-in-the-wall restaurants, engagements, sun flare, diet coke, and graphic design. 

Meet Beth, our Nikon gal.  She’s the spunky one: lover of child photography, newborns, eclectic design, a good white balance, diet pepsi, and baking.

They meet in the middle with natural light, clean lines, vintage touches, modern aesthetic, and a love for photography.   Both are professional photographers in the Phoenix area, and both want to share their secrets with you.  
 Let us help you make it click. 
Workshop includes:
Instruction on exposure (ISO, aperture, shutter speed)
Indoor shooting technique
Outdoor photo shoot
Techniques for posing and working with children & families
Photo organization tips
Basic post processing using Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop (software not required)
Incredibly delicious food (remember Beth’s baking obsession?)
A Q&A that will answer anything you want to know… uh, our calculus is rusty.  

Seats are limited to ensure plenty of one-on-one instruction.