Raise the Bar: Simplicity

I have so much respect for people who shoot still life well.  I have to work at it, but I'm always happy I did.  Something about citrus just makes me happy. 
I'm loving this project!  It's stretching me, and breaking me out of my comfort zone.  I needed this!  I hope you're finding your own progression too.  Can't wait to see the simple life.  :)

Up next: Street Scene. Good luck!


Raise the Bar: Red Lips

I love this week's challenge.   Mostly because I just love this girl and her craziness.  She a fantastic photographer,  she has incredible style (I mean, look at her!), and she is an amazing friend.

 I am loving everyone's submissions.  Thank you, thank you, thank you for showing up each week.  You guys are the best.
Can't wait to see your Red Lips!

Up Next: Simplicity.


Raise the Bar: Laughter

Meet my grandfather.  
He is a farmer.  
He is 93.  
He is amazing.  
I have never known a harder working, more humble, more spiritually centered person.  He is genuinely good.  From the bottom of my heart, I adore him.  This shot was snapped last summer during a game of freeze tag being played by his great grandchildren.  It actually makes my heart lighter and happier.
There were some amazing submissions last week!  Thanks for sharing your beautiful work!!

Up next week: red lips.

B Family {Phoenix Family Photographer}


Raise the Bar - Rule of Thirds

Week 2!  I loved the submissions from last week.  You are some seriously beautiful people. 
This week's theme falls right in line with a little set of photos that have been screaming for me to work on them.  I mean, what cuter threesome could there possibly be to demonstrate the rule of thirds?  These three little guys are the cutest little friends.  ...I may be slightly biased. 
And, just because I have to, here's my favorite outtake:
Don't they make you just want to go on a shopping spree at Gap?  
Big shout out to my good friend, Lauren Bowyer, who seized the opportunity in the middle of our play date, and got these three together for some pictures.  I simply, brought out the camera and captured the moment.

Can't wait to see what everyone comes up with!

Make It Click - Pittsburgh

I had the incredible opportunity to fly out to Pittsburgh and teach a workshop to some amazing former clients, and some awesome new friends.  We spent several hours together learning, shooting, learning, eating, shooting, learning, eating, shooting, and learning some more.  The day was so much fun--I would do it again in a heart beat.  While I don't have a ton of pictures of the whole process (I was, after all, doing the teaching, feeding, shooting, teaching, and more teaching), here's a glimpse of the adventure:

The models:

And, of course, the wonderful participants:

Thank you, thank you to all that attended! I am so grateful for the opportunity I had to spend time with you!