Raise the Bar: Sky or Clouds

One of my favorite set ups: nothing but sky behind a beautiful couple.
Let's see your images!

You guys. My new website is almost up. This will be the last link party on this blog. Next week we'll be posting at www.libbyjonesphotography.com. Yay! 

Next up: Happiness or Joy.


Raise the Bar: White

This family has a complex story full of twists and turns, heart break, fighters, and beauty. They inspire me.  I consider myself lucky to have the opportunity to capture a few images along their journey. 

 No words.  Just love for these people.
Up next: Sky or Clouds.

There are some exciting things going on around here.  I'm feverishly working on a new website!  Ahhhh!  Yay!  I'm doing a bit of rebranding, some reorganizing, and generally just feeling the love. I can't wait to unveil it.  Keep your eyes peeled!


Raise the Bar: Hat or Scarf

Well, hello there.  It's been a busy week for this photographer--I literally have thousands of images waiting for me to sort through, edit, and deliver.  So it was a nice departure this morning to take a second and shoot something for myself! Say hello to my littlest man sporting a hat from his hipster uncle.  He wears it well, in my completely biased opinion.  :)
Let's see 'em!
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Raise the Bar: Friend

This week, I got to take a long anticipated vacation with two of my loves.  It was four days of perfection.  This little guy was my buddy the entire trip--not one melt down, not one sassy word, and eyes full of pure joy.  We're friends. 
I'm taking off for Utah this afternoon for a week with my family and a few shoots scattered through out the week.  I can't wait.  Also, I can't wait to see what friends you all have.

Thanks for making my week even better with your beautiful photos!

Up next: Hat or scarf.


Raise the Bar: Street Scene

My little sister came in town for one full week.  We laughed endlessly, ate too much good food, played with my boys, shopped, laughed some more, and took pictures... of course.  While this seems like an unconventional "street scene," this is the street where I live.  She makes the most beautiful model.

Can't wait to see your street scenes!

Up Next: Friend.  Happy photographing!