early morning play time in the grass...

teisha + steve = love.

My first bridal/wedding session. Their wedding was actually a couple months before these pictures were taken, and they were now having their open house here in Pittsburgh. From what I understand, their pictures from the actual wedding day didn't turn out, and these were their second attempt. I was incredibly nervous, but excited to see how it went. For my first time, I feel okay about how they turned out, but I'm excited to do another now that I have one under my belt. I feel like all I did was the very, very basics, and I would love to spend time trying to get some of the more artistic shots. Don't laugh, okay?

And my favorite shot of the day:

They are a beautiful couple, that comes from a pretty family, and I had a great time with them. Thanks you two!


Just a quick photo session with my brother-in-law. Fun session, fun guy, pretty place. Thanks Jam!

gotta love those p.j.'s.

sports star.



I just think asian babies are so cute, and this little guy is no exception.


My little Superbaby

springtime in pittsburgh

Always love a wedding.

Took a girls' trip to Georgetown...

My city. I love all the bridges, and the beautiful views from a million different vantage points. We're already down to our last 12 months here, so I'm taking advantage of every last second!



I just loved my shoot with Jackson and his mom. He's such a cute little guy, and he was an angel during the shoot. I just love his puppy dog eyes.