a preview and a submission.

just a little preview of nick & nikki's engagement session.  lots more to share.  keep an eye out. 
meanwhile, I'll be submitting this photo to the weekly challenge over at i heart faces.  
theme this week? yellow.  I've gotta give credit for this yellow wall to nikki.  my clients are the best.  :)


a friend, cute kiddos, and windy headshots...

a few weeks ago, I got an email from a friend asking to do a session.  but not just any old session, she wanted to do a secret session, and she even asked if I wanted to bring my little one along.  I've never taken my little guy to one of my shoots before (because he's crazy), but I thought it could be fun.  so I packed him up and brought him along.  verdict?  it was so fun!  a little crazy, but I'm so glad our kids got to hang out.  we even took them to the children's museum for play and lunch.  all in all, it was a successful day.  we even ended the day with a few headshots of her in the wind.  she's so beautiful, there really wasn't anything I could do to mess it up.  check it out:


warner family.

I love so many things about these photos.  
1. they're of a friend, and I love doing photos for friends--it makes it that much more special.
2. their outfits look amazing--especially in the location.  love it.
3. the location.  check out the vines on the walls of the old factory.  I can't even begin to tell you how much I'm going to miss pittsburgh.  I can't even think about it. yuck.
4. the photos themselves.  I just love all of the great moments that happened during this session.  those real moments are what make the best photos.  

thanks warner family!!


figallo family

I love my clients.  I don't know if I'm just lucky, but I always have so much fun with the families who book me for sessions.  this family was no exception.  they were so laid back and ready to try anything.  it was an adventure in and of itself trying to get all eyes on the camera, but let's be honest, the best photos are the real moments when eyes are on each other anyway, right?  here's what we came up with after an afternoon on a downtown bridge.  check out this amazingly beautiful family:

I especially love the progression between the next two pictures. 

hehe.  :)  not even a response from the "pinchee."  love it.  

isn't this adorable?  what a cute daddy.

I asked him to "jump up on the chair," and this is what he did.  talented, eh?

thanks to the figallos for keeping me on my toes!  I loved every minute!  

I've been a little MIA lately, so keep your eyes peeled for several posts this week.  I have a little catching up to do.  :)